Warrior Ninja   Contains 6 levels:
Baby Warrior 18 months- 3yrs
Little Samurais 3-4yrs
Warriors In Training 5&UP
Warrior (6&Up)
Extreme Warrior (6&Up)
Legendary Warrior (8&Up) 
(Kids are placed into age appropriate classes as well as skill based)
The Warrior Ninja program is what every kid dreams of. This sport is a mixture of gymnastics, climbing, martial arts, and parkour. Warrior Ninja involves climbing up walls, obstacle course racing, monkey bar swings, balancing on objects, flipping over and off objects. All of this while in a positive, safe, and structured environment. Each level of Warrior Ninja must be concurred by the individual warrior. At certain times the instructor can have a warrior tested to move to the next level. At the end of each session all warriors within their levels will have an in-house competition to show off their skills and compete for a victory in the WARRIOR GAMES.
Tumbling contains 3 levels:
Level 1:
This level is an introductory course to tumbling. Athletes will be taught the basic skills in tumbling to help prepare them for flipping.
Safety Rolls, Cartwheels, Handstands, Back Handspring Basics, etc.
Level 2:
Athletes in this level are working their way out of tumbling basics and more on the flipping aspect of tumbling.
Spotted Back Handspring, Cartwheel, Round-off introduction/perfection, Standing Back Bends, Handstands, Front Limber, etc.
Level 3:
Athletes must be able to perform flipping skills forwards or backwards on any surface. The athletes will focus on doing multiples and more advanced tumbling skills.
Standing Back Handspring, Multiple Back Handspring, Round-off Back Handspring, Arial, etc.
This program is meant for cheerleaders. It focuses on all aspects of cheering and tumbling. We offer 2 different levels of cheer tumbling classes, Beginner and Advanced. Beginner Cheer is for those who have just started learning tumbling, jumps, and stunts. Advanced Cheer classes are for those who have been in the game for a few years and have an understanding of how to tumble, cheer, and stunt. These programs are only offered to ages 12 and up, unless allowed by the head coach or told otherwise.
Preschool Gym Classes are coed gymnastics based classes. In class your little athletes will be introduced to Bars, Beam , Tumbling, Vaulting, Climbing, and Trampoline. This program is designed to get your little athletes to start developing those motor skills. This program is designed for ages 3-5.
Girls Gymnastics contains 4 levels: 
This level is designed for beginners. Athletes that have never done gymnastics before and/or want to see what the sport is all about.
Athletes in this level are on a more progressive path to learn harder gymnastics skills.
Athletes pursuing the Gold level will be working on skills that will require more strength, flexibility and flipping.
The Platinum level will be athletes who aggressively pursuing the sport. These athletes will have to have the requirements of LSA met in order to enroll into this class.
This program is meant for adults. Whether you have always wanted to do gymnastics or just looking for a new and different workout. This is the program to join. This program is offered Friday afternoons and some weekday mornings. Drop in to see what it's all about. Must be at least 16 years of age to join.
Trampoline classes are for those athletes who do not like to flip on the ground or just enjoy air time. Trampoline classes will be taught using  a full sized      Olympic trampoline, foam pit, and a 40' tumble track. This class will teach the Olympic compulsory routines, as well as the safety and proper use of the trampolines and foam pit. As the athletes progress, they will advance their skills to harder skills that are offered at the optional level of gymnastics and trampoline. This program is offered for kids 6 years and up.
This is a new program offered for young athletes. With more kids starting sports at a younger age, it is important that these athletes have a proper foundation. This program will offer a bi-weekly lesson plan that incorporates proper movements of the body using only body weight. 
Parents this is the a program to take advantage of. This program is built on the bonding and encouragement of your little ones. Both you and  your little one will learn basic skill development. You will help and instruct your little one through the courses and/or skill progressions. Parents will learn proper names of skills as well as how to spot a skill safely. This program is only offered for "walking"- 3 years of age.

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